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Glimore Farm access/Trail cleaning Project (Sept 2020)

Great turn out September 12th to work on the Gilmore farm property access to Elk Creek. Over 20 people showed up coming from as far as Pittsburgh. A lot of trail cleared, and better access to the water. Pennsylvania Steelhead Association leading the way for work for all Steelhead fisherman.


Over 20 Pennsylvania Steelhead Association members showed up to bang out some trails to the creek bottom off of Beckman Road, on the west and east entrances. Some of our members drove 2 1/2 hours to get here. These enhancements have greatly improved angler access to one of the most beautiful sections of Elk Creek. A big time thank you to everyone who made it happen. Ari Capotis, Dan Hart, Paul Hicks, Brett Staley, Levi Staley, Mike Terza, Don Tamarow, Chris Fatica, Chet Kapinski, JT Davis, Sam Zacour, Ryan Novatnack, Roger Latimer, Ron Miller, Kyle Weixlmann, Edward Lawrence. Many others are missing from this list.       


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