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1. New Lake Erie Webcam, July 2021

The Pennsylvania Steelhead Association has worked together with SONS of Erie, FishUSA, and Fairview Township to install a live webcam at the mouth of Trout Run. It is now operational, click the live link below, or on our homepage.

The cost for the cable service will be split four ways with SONS, Fish USA, Fairview Township and us paying the bill. The cable bill will invoiced once yearly.

The Avonia Beach Live Camera Feed is a great way for area anglers to keep tabs on current water and weather conditions at the foot of Avonia Road in Fairview, PA. This live feed is sponsored by the PA Steelhead Association, Fairview Township, the SONS of Lake Erie, and Fish USA. Thank you board member Roger Lattimer for all your efforts on this project!

2. Proposed Regulations Changes, August 2021
  • The Pennsylvania Steelhead Association lobbied to reduce the creel and size limit for Rainbow Trout. We feel that Pennsylvania needs a progressive approach toward steelhead management. Reducing the creel and size limit is one such component of that plan. You can read more about proposed 2021 changes here:
  • The main thrust of the regulation change is well summarized in the proposed amendments final paragraphs: "In summary, Commission staff recommend amendments to the Lake Erie basin angling regulations pertaining to salmonids for regulatory consistency and simplicity by aligning the trout and salmon seasons with the proposed amendment to Commonwealth inland waters regulations, and modifying the daily creel and minimum size limits for rainbow trout and lake trout to optimize those fisheries. It should be noted that amending the daily creel limit of rainbow trout from five to three and minimum size limit from 9 inches to 15 inches from 8 a.m. on the opening day of the regular season for trout and salmon through Labor Day will not impact the creel or size limit for brown trout, a popular put-and-take fishery during the months of April and May. Additionally, a reduction to the daily creel limit of lake trout from two to one and increase in the minimum size from 9 inches to 15 inches provides further protection to the population which is consistent with ongoing multijurisdictional rehabilitation efforts in Lake Erie."

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