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PSA resumes first meeting at Brugger House

August 11, 2021 presenter Sarah Stahlman, from the Pennsylvania Sea Grant, gave a fabulous presentation on invasive species  and climate change and how both contribute to problems in our lake Erie waters. Her knowledge and professionalism was completely evident in the enthralled reaction and enthusiasm of the audience.  



September 8, 2021

 September 8th, presenter Tom Cermak of the Coastal Outreach Specialist of Pennsylvania Sea Grant, joined Pennsylvania Sea Grant in 2012, and works on projects pertaining to sustainable land-use development, open space and recreational land conservation, and water quality improvement. He gave a super presentation about all the good things Sea Grant does to improve the environment around streams and the lake shore. Our membership is keenly interested in all efforts that maintain and improve habitat for returning steelhead. Tom discussed specifically a stream enhancement project on Cascade Creek.  He showed us pictures and provided more information than what sea grant had already published regarding the project. He discussed sediment quite a bit and the benefit of creating riparian zones and such to prevent siltation on the streams after storm water run off.


October 13, 2021

October 13th membership presenters were our newest board members Ari Capotis and Marie Scalera Ari and Marie had a slideshow presentation. The link between the presentations was information about clubs of like-minded people. They discussed fishing from a ladies' perspective. Marie was born in Ireland. Her father was in the Air Force so she said “I grew up an Air Force brat living in a different country every 2- 3 years. Worked in advertising for several years.” Marie has just begun her Steelhead experience therefore Marie is discussed her participation in Sisters on the Fly. It is an all female, social outdoor adventure group. Activities range from camping, hiking, canoeing, and fishing all the way to holiday luncheons. SOF was originally founded by two fly-fishin' sisters in Montana. They have a ton of fun together, girls only. Ariadne is an Erie native with a passion for the outdoors. She has been steelhead fishing since she was in grade school. Ari’s presentation touched on how she finds a spot, providing resources/information for people to explore at their own pace. She discussed publicly available websites, and programming for steelheading Erie County. Ari’s presentation closed with a reminder about PFBC programming this fall for women interested in steelhead fishing. Ari and Marie encouraged all members to bring along their wife, girlfriend, daughter or other females interested in Steelhead fishing.


November 9, 2021

November 9th Presenter was Dan Pastore Dan Pastore filled in as a presenter last month as our scheduled presenter took ill. Dan is the District 1 commissioner for the PFBC. Dan discussed the new creel regulations as they effect Tout and Steelhead. “All the proposed changes passed with the exception of reducing the creel limit for Lake Trout, which remained at 2. So for steelhead, the creel limit will be 3 all year, rather than 3 during the extended season and 5 during the regular trout season. In addition, the minimum size will be 15” at all times.” He also discussed briefly the Brood Stocking program. Sam Zacour then gave a short presentation on the involvement of the PSA and Rich Sherwin in getting access to the water at Veterans Park . A slide show was then played of the Brood Stock sliding from the truck down to the water. 


December 8, 2021

December 8th meeting presenter Tom Fuhrman Editor’s note: Mr. Fuhrman was kind enough to give me his notes to report on his talk. This info is also available on the LERC website at: , as well as the economic study "The Economic Value Of Protected Open Space In Erie County, Pennsylvania” at 20Study.pdf Tom Fuhrman is a former Mayor of Lake City who served on several boards and committees dealing with Great Lakes water issues. He was a founder and the Executive Director of the Lake Erie Region Conservancy from 2001 till 2018 and is still currently a board member. LERC strives to identify and carry out projects that promote land conservation, access to nature-based recreation, property stewardship, environmental education and sustainable development. Through the identification and implementation of various land conservation techniques LERC is able to preserve the ecological integrity of the Lake Erie region while meeting the needs of conservation oriented landowners. Tom told the PA Steelhead Association membership that the nonprofit is talking with several property owners about acquiring their land today, including the Dohler property on Twenty Mile Creek in Northeast. LERC connects property owners interested in selling or conserving their properties with funding sources that will aid in conservation and providing recreational use.



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