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Walnut Project

On August 11th 2006 volunteers from the PSA installed a handrail at the "Stop Sign" hole and bridge near the Manchester hole at the mouth of Walnut.

Glenn Mills Report:

Drenched, smiling and tired aptly sums up a long day of hard work, steady rain and the completion of the two Walnut walkway projects the PSA had committed to.

We started at 7:30 and packed up our soaked, muddy gear and sweaty bodies at the finish line at 2:30. TV folks (WSEE) made it to document the progress --"THANKS"

Next time you check out Walnut let us know what you think. Total project cost --about $560 in PSA funds (not counting the free labor).

Special thanks to "Meatball", Dan. D'Amico, who drove two hours with jack hammer, auger, generators and plenty of energy to help in a big way to make the day a success. No body's looking for "attaboys", but here's a list of the workhorses who made it happen today - the same guys who almost always are in the middle of making good things happen --- for a lot of fisherman:

Project Managers--- Brian Emerick and Glenn Mills
Muscle, brains and non-stop work - Spoonchucker, Genieman, Wayne Anderson, Grendel, "Dano" and an inspiring Frank Schiccatano.

A couple more weeks and we'll be talking steelhead!!

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