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International Coastal Clean-up Event Host (Sept 2020)

International Coastal cleanup 2020 was a great success! 

34 Volunteers showed up at the Walnut Creek Access Area on Saturday, September 19th, 2020. We collected 17.5 bags of refuse weighing 285 lbs. Thank you for being good stewards of the environment that we enjoy!

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ICC stats from last six years at Walnut Creek

In 2014 we had a good turn out Saturday Sept. 20th, 2014, 19 PSA members and other volunteers showed up to pick up 14 bags of trash weighing 163.17 lbs. We picked up 1242 cigarette butts to recycle, around 57 yards of fishing line, and 5 tires as well as all of the regular garbage.

In 2015 we had 20 volunteers show up again pick up 14 bags of trash weighing 234.5 lbs. We picked up 867 cigarette butts, 103 cigar tip, 26 yards of fishing line, 2 tires and hundreds of bottles, cans and take out containers.

In 2016 at the Walnut Creek Access, we had 10 people pick up 96.5lbs of trash in 7 large bags. We picked up 474 cigarette butts, 55 cigar tips, 142 take out type containers and 61 beverage containers. Some unusual items were fishing waders, Tires, and Bicycle handlebars.

The 2017 ICC cleanup at the Walnut Creek Access area was another successful effort. A group of 14 volunteers picked up 8 bags of garbage weighing almost 60 lbs. We also found 3 big truck tires too heavy to get up the bank, so we reported those to the PFBC maintenance dept.

In 2018 the PSA and our 15 volunteers at the Walnut Creek Access and Marina picked up 127.7 lbs. of trash, including some large construction type materials. The top item was again Cigarette butts with 1,697 butts picked up for recycling by the TREC center. Plastic pieces were the next common item with 221, and Foam pieces was third at 194.

Last year in 2019 we had 19 volunteers work about 2 hours each and collect 9 bags of trash totaling 78.2 lbs.! Cigarette Butts were still the top item picked up but also a lot of beverage cans and bottles, plastic lids and caps, as well as food wrappers, straws, plastic bags, foam pieces, plastic cigar tips, take out containers and fishing line. Construction type materials made up the bulk of larger items.

In 2020 we had a record high of 34 volunteers that worked at least 1 and a half hours each and picked up 17.5 bags of trash. The total weight picked up was 285 lbs., which include some large item that could not be put in trash bags (refrigeration tank, car suspension with springs, and a few large tires)! The top item as always was cigarette butts (3,319)

Totaling the last 7 years at Walnut Creek Access the PSA has overseen 131 people picking up 1045 lbs. of trash! Averaging to over 149 lbs. per year!

On Sept. 19, 2020 in Erie County - 753 volunteers at 19 locations picked up 2119 lbs. of trash in 209 garbage bags.

Some of the Top Items collected World Wide:

1. Cigarette Butts………….. (> 5.7 million)

2. Food Wrappers…………. (> 3.7 million)

3. Straws/Stirrers………….. (> 3.6 million)

4. Forks, Knives, Spoons.... (> 1.9 million)

5. Plastic Beverage Bottles. (> 1.7 million)

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