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What we do

Purposes and Objectives - The purpose and objectives of the Association shall be to enhance and preserve the steelhead fishery in Pennsylvania including improving public access for steelhead fishing, encouraging private landowners to maintain public access for steelhead fishing, implementing stream enhancement and habitat improvement projects for steelhead, and assisting nonprofit organizations which operate nurseries for spawning or raising steelhead, or which acquire land or access easements for steelhead fishing, or which engage in activities which complement the purposes and activities of the PA Steelhead Association.

Our History


The Pennsylvania Steelhead Association was formed in 1996 by three avid Steelhead anglers: Joe Egnot, Matt Hrycyk, and John Bodner.  Their original goal was to respond to the rash of property postings that were taking place at the time on some of the best Steelhead streams in Erie County.  They began by gathering together like-minded fishermen to work on improved landowner relations as well as improved cooperation with State and local governments.


From those humble beginnings, the PSA has grown to become a vital player in the protection and preservation of the Lake Erie fishery.  Continuing the work of our founders the PSA works to improve landowner relations and to promote continued cooperation with State and local governments.  The current activities of the PSA include:

  • Landowner Appreciation Fruit Basket Program - Each December the PSA, with help from other clubs and associations including: Gem City Outdoorsmen, NWPA Trout Unlimited, 3-C-U, and the One Fly Tournament, personally delivers holiday fruit baskets to landowners along important Steelhead streams who graciously keep their property open for Steelhead fishing.
  • Stream Improvement and Enhancements - The PSA regularly provides volunteers to stream enhancement and cleanup projects along the important Steelhead streams in Northwest PA.
  • Youth Fishing - The PSA has sponsored children's fishing outings and clinics to promote fishing in general, and Steelhead fishing in particular, among youth and children.
  • PFBC Input - The PSA maintains excellent dialog and cooperation with the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission both at the both the local and Statewide level.  


While we fully  intend to continue working on the important issues the PSA currently addresses, we also anticipate the need to be involved in important new issues such as the challenges of declining Steelhead returns in an era of Climate Change, Marcellus Shale Drilling, explosive Cormorant/migratory bird populations, Blue-Green Algal Blooms, Asian Carp, and other environmental impacts that affect our Steelhead returns.  We will continue to work on enhancing public access and maintaining positive landowner relations so that our easements may continue in perpetuity. Our ability to influence current and future issues important to Steelhead fishermen depends on having a strong membership so that our voice can continue to be heard.  Please consider adding your voice to our efforts by joining the PSA today!

Benefits of PSA Membership

Our efforts to enhance the fishery and to maintain open stream access for Steelhead membership should be reason enough to join, but consider also the additional value that a PA Steelhead Association membership can provide for you personally:

In addition, you receive access to information about activities in and around "Steelhead Alley", one of the world's premier Steelhead fisheries through the PSA TightLines Newlsetter and the PSA website

By becoming a PSA member you also become part of dedicated group of people who share your passion for fishing and the outdoors.  Our meetings provide fellowship and fishing information in a relaxed atmosphere for everyone, whether you're new to the sport or whether you've been fishing for years.

Most of all, it is satisfying to know that you are part of the only organization in our area exclusively dedicated to protecting, preserving and enhancing Northwest PA steelhead fishing.

We welcome new members. If you would like to join, you may do so right now by completing an online application here on this site, or in person at any of our monthly meetings.  PLEASE JOIN TODAY!


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